The measurement principle is triangulation: A laser light line is projected onto a surface and viewed from a direction different to the direction of projection. A variation of surface distance causes a shift of the imaged line at the detector. This means the sensor is scanning the surface profile. This profile clearly indicates the seam geometry or joint position.

By incorporating the newest imaging technology we unleashed the power of this robust measuring principle. Electronic imagers with a high dynamic range and readout speed allow the precise evaluation of profiles at varying surface conditions with rates of 200 to over 3000 profiles per second.

To generate the processing power for such high image rates a set of highly integrated Gate Arrays has been developed. In combination with industrial PCs an effective and powerful sensor system with interfaces to CNCs, PLCs, robot controllers and plant information systems is available.

Seam Inspection:
High sampling frequencies and a robust optical construction without any moving parts allow a high temporal and spatial resolution for detecting welding failures. In welding lines product quality can be ensured and optimized.

Seam Tracking:
The sensitive and at the same time irradiance tolerable sensor enables seam tracking in former problematic applications. With an additional dedicated CNC or robot software a fast and precise 3-dimensional seam tracking is reality. Or in combining sensor and correction axis drive into a self-contained unit an upgrade of existing machines is possible.

The profile acquisition along an object either by moving the object or the sensor allows a precise contour or volume measurement e.g. on car bodies, extruded profiles or conveyor belts.